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Customer Feedback

Below are reviews from actual customers who are very happy with our services.  As you are aware, no moves goes perfectly and it is our goal to make sure that if something goes wrong, we make it right.  We want you to be happy with Premier Van Lines International and recommend us to your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, strangers, and pretty much everybody! 

"Neena and Richard made my moves seamless from Seattle to Hawaii and Hawaii to Santa Barbara. Each team worked great I know who to call for my next move, Premier Van Lines!" Nathaniel S.  

"We needed to move from Las Vegas to Hawaii and had to find a moving company. The last time we made any major moves was through the military many years ago, and all we had to do was sit and wait for the moving company to come pick up our belongings on a certain date. This time was going to be different since we had to do it on our own, and I knew I had to somehow find a reliable moving company. We've made some moves within the city before, only to be sitting there waiting for the movers that never came, or said they were on their way that morning but then stopped picking up our calls later on in the day and we were left hanging and having to take another day off from work to find other movers for our move, etc., and we couldn't afford to have something like that happen on a big move!

I found Premier Van Lines by chance. I think I filled out a generic quote I landed on somehow FROM A WEBSITE I TRUSTED and waited to see what sort of quotes I was going to get. Neena was the first one to reply almost immediately. Her email was very friendly and it was very easy to understand for non-professional movers such as ourselves. I liked that she mentioned that they pack our household goods in our own crate(s) so they don't get mixed in with the others. I had a good feeling about Premier Van Lines, but my husband told me to wait until I get more quotes back. I received 6 quotes in all from that one generic form I filled out. The three other companies e-mailed me within the next 3-4 days. The last 2 replied to me after over a week, which I immediately crossed off my list. During this whole time while waiting for the other quotes, I kept emailing Neena about any questions or concerns I had, and she was very quick with all her replies back. When I saw how fast she was getting back to me on my emails, I felt bad about emailing her on a weekend and waited until Monday so I wouldn't bother her if she was with her family over the weekend. I knew even if I waited until Monday, she would write me back on the same day anyway. I didn't feel any pressure from Neena on the move and hiring them either. She gave the information when I needed it, and that was it!

I was almost 100% certain I was going to use Premier Van Lines for our move because of the really good communication I had with Neena (and the fact that I found out we could ship our vehicles through the same company), but as with any person now in this day and age, I googled the Premier Van Lines to see if it was a legit company and read any reviews, etc., and I came to some conclusions: 1) that another company was using the Premier Van Lines name with a slightly different spelling or another location and doing bad business, 2) there were some negative reviews, but the rebuttal from Neena or Premier Van Lines to the negatives reviews made sense and that was it not a bad job on the company's side, & 3) reading the reviews and the rebuttals made me realize we know nothing about the amount of items we actually have and that I needed to verify & reverify the weight and sq ft/total cost of our household items with any moving company.

Once we decided on Premier Van Lines, Richard was right on it with having someone come out and verifying the amount of household goods we had and the total estimated costs, etc. I really liked that Richard was able to provide us contact information on the subcontractors, and we could contact them directly if need be (which we did, to narrow down their pick up times, etc.). My only concern/reservation was when the guys from Southern Nevada Movers came to pick up our household goods. They both looked...scruffy, and the guy filling out the inventory misspelled literally half of the words he wrote down (gutar=guitar, shamper=shampooer, vacum=vacuum, etc.). The other guy was making friendly small talk and asked where we were headed to, and when my husband told him Hawaii, he said, "Cool! So are you guys driving there?"(I don't think he was joking!). But they were nice guys and hard working, and I kept telling myself "It's Premier Van Lines, we're okay...". My concerns were put to rest because with each pick up of our vehicles or household goods, we would get a call from Richard soon afterwards to let him know if we had any questions about the pick up, which made me assured that they were in close communication with their subcontractors at all points in the move, and I'm pretty sure they do a thorough screening of their subcontractors.

Our vehicles arrived on time and our household goods sooner than what we were told/expected, and I am so happy that I picked Premier Van Lines! I never saw the movers "crate" our household belongings in person, but I can tell you, most of our boxes looked as clean as when we sent them off! Nothing is broken and I feel the total cost for our move was very reasonable. Neena and Richard make Premier Van Lines what it is though, the communication with their customers is FANTASTIC, and I would use them again in a heartbeat (but moving is such a royal pain in the butt I hope to not have to do it again for a long long time!).  So thank you, Neena & Richard, for making our move so easy & hassle-free!!!!!"  Jared and Rie J.

"I just want to thank you both for the delivery of my items today. You have both been very flexible which is very much appreciated. Thank you!  If I have to move a long distance in the future I know just who to call!  Howard and Bass were outstanding today. They should both get a raise for their efforts! Howard has a bright future with your team. Bass is seems to be very loyal. The team was very friendly, quick and accommodated my every request. Please let them know I really appreciated what they did for me today. I know they had a couple of long drives to make. Again the were great!  Richard, Royal Hawaiian did not disappoint in Hawaii either. There team was good as well."  Nate S.

"All the blogs, BBB ratings are true!  Premier are the "Superior" movers!!  I would not hesitate to use them again and would NOT even consider using another service. AAAAA++++++ Service!!" Irene and John P.

"The most amazing man in the moving world today!

We have had a difficult move from Seattle to Australia, nothing to do with Premier Van Lines.  Our agent here in Australia has gone bankrupt without paying the storage fees that we had paid them and the storage facility was holding us hostage for additional funds. This went on for two and a half months.  In a moment of desperation I emailed them for help.  

From the moment I sent that email they have been helping us resolve this terrible situation.  He has sent emails, made phone calls, and paid extra money out of his pocket to help us.

He has gone above and beyond what I would have expected from anyone in business.  He paid the extra fees we had to pay to the storage company, hired a lawyer to help us with our situation, tried to negotiate on our behalf, helped us file insurance claims and more.  

I can't say enough good things about Premier Van Lines.  He is honest, he can be counted on, and I wouldn't move with anyone else. 

In the scale of things that can go wrong in a move, most of them have happened to us, and they have been there the entire time coming up with answers and providing help any way he can. 

Please note, the things that have gone wrong have nothing to do with Premier Van Lines and instead are a result of greedy and dishonest business people here in Australia." Melissa D.

"Your communication and professionalism really helped us feel secure and confident that our things would arrive. As far as we can tell, nothing went missing and all of our high value value items arrived intact...minus two pictures whose glass cracked but that we were happy to replace on our own with acrylic." Peter K.

"Your company went above and beyond what I expected.  After they (Mystic and Cole) contracted your company to move their belongings, you jumped in and quickly moved their things out of the house they were renting.  This saved them from having to pay another months rent. Within a short time, you got it all on the road to Alaska. Your company is totally awesome, and both of you showed me such compassion and understanding concerning all the problems we encountered in trying to get this household moved. Richard thank you very much. You are a five star company, and I would recommend you to anyone who needs to make a big move."
Betty K.

"I used Premier Van Lines about a year and a half ago to move from New Jersey to Hawaii. That move went great! And I've recommended people to use their company when moving to Hawaii."
  Benjamin C.

I just finished moving my car back to the mainland from Hawaii, for my parents in Florida. I previously used Premier Van Lines to move it to Hawaii, and now back, since I am buying a new car myself. The quote for moving the car back was very reasonable, $1076 port to port and another $1200 in trucking from the California port to Florida." Heather R.

"Neena, Richard, and Yarnell!  
You are all fantastic at what you do and how you do it.  I was a wreck and I am a Logistics Manager.  Each one of you was so resonsive to my questions and I knwo sometimes I asked the same one three times...  Our car arrived and Brian picked it up in Hilo last Monday.  Thank you Richard for your extra help on that one.  Not a scratch or dent on anything from all the travel.  Everyting arrived in excellent condition.  Thanks again., you al all simply terrific." Heidi M.

"I moved to Honolulu and this was a really stressful time.  I am really thankful that Premier Van Lines was there to move me.  There pricing was honest and fair.  I had no damages and my stuff got there in the time they told me.  Their professionalism made me feel secure and nothing was lost or stolen. Thanks for everything! I would use them again." David H.

"Everything went well. The service was good, and the response to the email was prompt (THANK YOU, Richard). The only one complain that I had was the origin agent didn't come on time. We were informed that they would come in the morning, so we planned things accordingly, but they didn't come until 4pm and it sort of ruined our plan for the day, which was very precious time for us to take care of many things before our move." Seoungoh P.

"I liked the service provided by Premier Van LInes.  They are approachable, eager to resolve customer problems. Excellent customer service; value for money.  They provide affordable quote, estimated time of delivery as well as reimburse any damaged items.  I liked their service and shall always use their service in future.  I recommend them to my friends and family."  Siddharth H.

"I used Premier Vanlines for a recent move from Fountain Hills, AZ to Mount Pleasant, SC. I could not be happier with the move. Premier Van Lines is a class act and they did exactly what they said they would. He came and took an inventory of my belongings, gave me a price and delivery date up front and then kept both promises. This is a real moving company, not like so many of the scam artists now on the internet. Premier Vanlines does not accept any money up front, only on delivery. Don, the driver in my case, was just terrific - took charge and took care. I would highly recommend Premier."  Arthur F.

I totally understand this kind of things can happen at times...the service and support was outstanding from day 1 to today!!! Neena couldn't do a better job explaining the services and preparing an accurate quote, Richard ensuring everything was on their way and kept me informed at all times and Catherine closing the issue by ensuring I got the bed parts! I really appreciate all the teamwork!!! THANK YOU!!!"  Maria R.

"I was was petrified of my move ALL the way around the world - Maine to Melbourne, Australia. I did all the research I thought I could manage and finally settled on Premier Van Lines. They called me back within 24 hours - on a Saturday - and won my business. My boxes just arrived on Monday and I couldn't be more pleased so I thought I'd write a review. The timeframe was roughly what they told me to expect, I had ALL of my stuff shipped and I only lost one small glass and a plate in the whole move. I feared the worst - ships sinking at sea, fraud in the moving business, etc. and I had NONE of that with Premier Van Lines. I moved 10,000 miles with everything I own - if you're wondering if you can trust this business, you can. They had literally everything of mine and it arrived almost the exact same as I packed it. Could not be more pleased with this company." ~Matt A.

"My stuff was just delivered. It took about 30 min to get everything off and the guys assembled the bed as well. You guys really know how to pack. Great job!!! (See pic attached). Both teams were great, loading in ATL and off loading in SJU. The admin support by you 2 was excellent!!! The admin support by Rosa Del Monte needs a little work but overall a great experience. Thanks again for everything." Jose M.

"Thank you for making this move the smoothest we have ever had. Not only were the men who moved us professional, but both had a fantastic sense of humor. Premier Movers is our number one choice for movers. Every person we dealth with was very professional and right on top of things. Great attention to detail. Thank you again for all your help."  Carl B.

"The move went very smoothly.  Thank you!  Both groups of movers were very courteous and worked quickly. Overall, I was very happy I went with Premier.  The flexibility in payment options was great and it made me feel more at ease with the move.  It was awesome that Richard called on the delivery date to check in. Thanks!! Oh, and none of my stuff was lost or broken!! :)" Maryse W.

"Neena and Richard were very knowledgable and helpful.  They made our relocation to Hawaii easy and painless. Lincoln Moving and Storage did a good job and World Wide Moving and Storage were fantastic, very provisional and punctual.  I would highly recommend Premier Van Lines and World Wide Moving and Storage of Hawaii to anyone!"  Greg and Kerry M.

"I am very satisfied with the service you provided, I have found all of my items and although I haven't opened every box, I have not seen signs of damage.  Thanks very much for your help. I chose Premier because I did not see any "nightmare' commentaries about your company on the internet." Robert S.

"Hello Richard, Wanted to send you a Big Thank You, received my belongs April 17th and just got married. Thank You Again very much. :) Dana C.


"Hi Richard. Had the pick up today. 9am they were on it. Thank you very much. They also thought it may all fit on one pallet? What would that cost? I am assuming less but let me know. Your men are proper and polite thank you for making the stress minimum.  Your the man. Thanks for the updates, help, and hurry in the beginning. You have made an extremely hard move less stressful. Thank you again"Dillon E.


"You are amazing. Keep this email of my take on you and your company at least until I write with a formal response. You are the best, did a fabulous job, sensitive to our needs, courteous, and responsive." Carol F.


"Thank you Richard and Neena for all your help. Richard, you were very patient with me as I was sleep deprived and trying to get everything completed". Brandise B.


"My moving company. I hope you'll check them out. 

As my realtors, I thought I should let you in on this company for clients you may have in the future. They specialize in moving folks up to Alaska, found them on the net. I looked at quite a few companies, (there is quite a few) starting back in February-- price point is of course a factor, but there are SO many more factors to consider in addition. I had no idea what I was getting into when I first started.

Anyway, these guys are great and so far I'm really impressed. I needed a little bit of extra help, called them twice today and they were on it. Needed someone to go into my former Portland home to "eyeball" what size container or containers etc. I'll need and they were great about being able to do that for me. It's the little stuff.

Their price point is very solid and you get a real live human being answering emails and they actually pick up the phone and call people back when I leave a message. Helps take some of the angst out of this.

Just thought you could add this on to your "List of cool folks.""  Katherine P.


"Aloha Richard, Sorry, been busy prepping my dog to go to vet to be put down.  Its  a sad day for me :(  I tried to avoid this moment right to the end.  I appreciate your help with everything, its been very hectic and at times overwhelming.  Have a Great Day!"  Ceslee G.


"Hi Richard,

We got our stuff today.  Everything arrived in good shape and the service on this end was excellent.  They were prompt, efficient, courteous and friendly.

Unfortunately, I don't have a computer set up that will allow me to complete your survey in the PDF format and it will be a while before I could do that.

So,  I will just say that we have been more than satisfied with all aspects of this move and the prompt and courteous treatment we've received throughout the process.

We've made a lot of moves over the years and this was one of the smoothest.  Thanks for your help." Don M.


"Thank you for all your help coordinating our move. Suddath did a great job packing and our things arrived on one piece! The fellows unloading we're terrific as well. I appreciate all you did to make this big transition go so smoothly for us. Thank you very much!

I was just getting ready to call Matson when your message arrived! Thanks so much for continued help through this move. You made everything run very smoothly and we truly appreciate all you've done. Thank you!" Cathy C.

********************************************************************************************************************************"Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know that all was delivered with no issues. Thank you so much with my move and I will be recommending Premier to anyone who inquires about the move! Thanks again," Tres M.


"Hi Neena, Thank you so much for all of your help. Richard was fantastic at keeping in touch with me. I am glad that the shipping is going smoothly. I will be sending the appropriate forms and payment to you in the next couple of days if that is alright. Hope you have a great day. Thank you," Sharee A.


Thanks for reading our reviews and we hope that this increases your confidence in our company.

For a custom quote and get your questions answered, do call us at 877.784.2111 or shoot an email to Neena at and obtain all the information you need to streamline your move as smoothly as possible. Additionally, you can text your quote request at 619.465.0518 as we respond to phone calls, emails and texts either that day or the very next day.

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