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Insurance and Valuation

Premier Van Lines International automatically provides a default insurance that is included in the service that we provide for you. Our insurance will cover $0.60 per pound per article and this coverage requires no additional fee.  The vast majority of moves have no damage to the shipment upon delivery, but if you want the peace of mind that moving insurance offers, our company can help you purchase optional moving insurance for a reasonable price.

There are three types of insurance:

1. Full Coverage Insurance provided by Executive Insurance.  Please be advised that there is a $8,000 policy minimum at $324.00. This means that anything that we touch is insured at full replacement value.  If something gets damaged or lost, then the insurance company would pay out to either repair or replace the item in question. There is no deductible.

2. Total Loss Insurance provided by Executive Insurance.  Please be advised that it is $20.00 for every $1,000.00 of value.  This type of insurance is typically available if you decide to pack and load your own container.  This means that should your shipment go to the bottom of the ocean (God forbid), the insurance company would issue you a check for the amount of the policy.  To be honest with you, during our 20 plus years of experience of shipping thousands of customers all over the world, we have never had a shipment go to the bottom of the ocean or stolen or lost.  The chances are very minute that this would occur but there is a slight chance and this is what you are insuring against.  There is no deductible.

3. Line by Line Insurance is provided by TGI Insurance.  Minimum policy is $5,000 which costs $180.00.  This policy is mainly for those who don't want full coverage insurance but want insurance on the high valued items. There is a $250.00 deductible.  

If you don't know the value of your household goods, you can multiple $8.00 times the estimated weight of your shipment to get the replacement value.  It is recommended that you purchase the total replacement value so that you can be fully reimbursed if something is damaged or lost.  

Please note that Premier Van Lines recommends that you contact your home owners or renters insurance prior to purchasing additional insurance with us for you may be covered under their policy. Chances are you won't be; however, it doesn't hurt to ask them as several of our customers were surprised that they were indeed, covered.  And this applies to auto shipping as well.  Please contact your auto insurance to see if the shipment of your car is covered.

Prior to your move date, we will send you an insurance application form to fill out where you will list all your items and list the value of each item to come up with a total coverage required.

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